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Devil's Destiny
Chapter 10

When Jaxx woke, it was to a white room. A white room with no furniture. And no windows. And to a rather annoying snore coming from his left. On the floor.

"Shit!" Realizing his hands were bound, he scanned a quick flashback on his predicament, and shifted his head to look at the bruised actor sleeping next to him. "Johnny?"

"Not here," he mumbled back.


There was a quiet snort as the actor shifted, rolled over, and cuddled next to Jaxx. "Go back to sleep, babe."

"CAGE! DAMNIT, GET YOUR FACE OFF MY SHOULDER!" Jaxx roughly shoved him and tried to scoot away, but it was difficult with his legs being tied at the thighs and calves. As he couldn't really move away, he opted for giving Johnny a hard kick for good measure.

"OW! Jesus!" Jumping with a start, the tall fighter rolled onto his back and sat up. Through half lidded eyes he glared at Jaxx. "What the hell was that for?!"

"For not keeping your hands to yourself, you perverted freak!"

"My hands are to myself, you dumbass, they're tied behind my back!" Johnny paused as he said this. "Hey, why are my hands tied behind my back?" He looked down to see his legs bound also. "Hey! What the he-" He stopped.

"Remember now?" Jaxx inquired.

"Nise," Johnny whispered. "That BITCH!" Suddenly furious, he began to sputter. "She set me up! That lying whore! Damn it, what the hell is going on?!" He reeled his head to face the Major. "And what the hell are you doing here?"

"Ambushed," Jaxx answered with a distracted shrug as his eyes roamed. “Balford set a trap. Now we're stuck here."

Johnny sighed. "All right. Any idea on where we are."




A dramatic pause. "Well, now what?"

"Get into my boot."

Another pause, accompanied by a disgusted look of confusion. "Eh, what?"

"Try and get your hand in my boot, I keep a switchblade in there, for emergencies."

"Oh." Johnny shrugged. "All right, which boot?"


"Ok." The room became silent except for the shuffling of bodies, and a few grunts as Johnny tried to get his hand inside the thick leather. "Where?" he breathed out as the ropes bit into his skin.

"Uh, a little farther down" hey! Quit feeling up my leg!"

"Quit squirming!"

"Man, I don't get paid enough for this job," Jaxx hissed.

Ten minutes later, the door unlocked and opened.

"What?!" The punk made no other sound as he was knocked to the floor by a large falling object. A second man ran in, but was knocked back into the hall by a sharp sidekick to the throat. He slid to the floor and didn't move again.

"How did you manage to keep yourself up there?" Johnny asked as he looked up at the smooth ceiling.

"I got muscle, Cage. Something you seem to be lacking,” Jaxx smirked.

"What I lack in strength, I make up for in beauty." Cage struck a pose that tore a groan from the bigger man.

"I walked into that one." He leaned down and picked up a set of keys and a magnum from the first punk. Johnny was already cleaning the second, and was dragging him into the cell. After that, they closed the door, locked it, and made their way down the hall.

Not too long (and a couple more knocked down perps) after, Johnny and Jaxx came to an open garage. Walking quietly on the catwalk, the two fighters looked down upon a large number of people scurrying around with boxes and weapons. A white van was parked in the center, and crates were being loaded with precise timing. Off to the right, a small group were standing in a circle and talking avidly.

"What can you make out?" Johnny asked.

"Three males. Can't see their faces. Too far." Something light was pressed into his hands. Jaxx looked down to see a pair of binoculars.

"Got 'em off that dead ringer in the hall."

Jaxx smiled lightly and peeked down below. "Ok, one guy looks like he's maintenance, the next-"

"Yeah?" Johnny craned his head to look farther down.

"Balford. Next is Balford. And then- huh, some brunette."

"Lemme see!" Johnny grabbed the binoculars and peered down. "Nise. She is working with them." Johnny lowered the specs and closed his eyes.

Jaxx looked to his companion, and nudged his shoulder. "Hey. Yous was better off with Sonya." He gave Johnny a smile that soon faded as there was a sharp, high pitched scream from below. It was quickly muffled, but not before Johnny could see Kaoru being stuffed into the back of the truck.

"NO!" Johnny suddenly leaped to his feet, jumped over the railing of the catwalk to the stack of boxes below, which caused them to topple onto a crew of gang members standing nearby.

"SEIZE HIM!" Nise screamed at the top of her lungs, and all hell broke loose as gunfire and sirens blared around the room.

"Shit!" Jaxx hissed as he pulled out his magnum and shot down three men who had attempted to reach the catwalk. He noticed Nise and Balford racing toward the van, and the garage door beginning to close.

Below, Johnny struggled to get the crates off of him as two men jumped him from the back. Around him, wood splintered and snapped, and he hissed at the small lacerations he was beginning to receive. But with a roll and flip, he managed to dispose of the two men with clubs before they even realized he had overpowered them. A wicked grin flashed over his face as he began to mentally list the prey gathering around him. He studied their moves, calculated their positions, and planned his attack. Two on the left, four on the right, one down the center. And all lined up like the bracks in a pinball machine. One on his left began moving toward him, and he kicked at a crate on the floor that when flying into the perp’s face. He fell back into the second guy just as two from the right charged him. Johnny blocked the punch from the left, the jab from the right, the kick to the stomach, but stumbled from the blow to his skull. The pain in his neck left him vulnerable, and a crowbar smacked into his ribs, making him cry out and roll. As the crowbar came down again, Johnny grabbed a plank of wood and managed to catch the hook of the bar into the wood. Spinning the wood around, the attack lost his grip and was unprepared for the end of the crowbar to dig itself into his leg, right above his knee. He screamed and fell as Johnny stood, kicked, and knocked down two more attackers from behind. Then he jumped up on a faulty crate that slid and threw him onto a large hanging net. Using his momentum, he kicked a shooter down as he swung across the room. When he landed, he dived into a doorway as bullets pounded into the stainless steel walls around him.

Jaxx raced down the catwalk toward the massive garage door as the van revved its engine and screeched toward the fast closing exit. Steadying his arm, he aimed, held his breath, and shot out the two front tires of the van, making it swerve dangerously and spin around in a wide arc, running over another three gang members caught up in the fray. A patch of oil made the van skid sharply to the left, and the tail end crashed into a generator, that caused a shower of sparks to go up, and a moment later there was a loud explosion that knocked several men down. The generator went up in flames and smoke, setting off the sprinklers and making the rest of the gang run for cover.

To his left, Jaxx caught a glimpse of a figure running toward the van, and began screaming his head off as Johnny jumped around the burning crates and patches of enflamed oil. Unable to do nothing more than watch, Jaxx prayed as Johnny threw the body out of the driver's seat and jumped into the van. At that moment, an explosion went off below the catwalk, and Jaxx tumbled as the right side of the metal walkway dropped.

"SHIT!" Jaxx fell and gripped the grates as he dangled precariously over a large fire that was rapidly spreading around the room. He absently noticed a group of men surrounded by the flames, and winced as they were slowly consumed, their screams mingling with the crackling of wood and the pitter of water falling in sheets. Carefully, he dug his feet into the metal panels and began to climb up to the doorway.

But the intense heat from the flames below made his hands slick with sweat, and his tight grip was failing him. Looking frantically around, he could find no way out, when he spotted a large barrel set on a wooden ladder that hadn't been knocked over or set aflame. Through the sweat dripping in his eyes, he could barely make out the letters W-A-T. He just managed a smile when one hand slipped off, and he was floundering in the air. He reached for the magnum in his belt, aimed at the closest leg of the ladder, and fell just as he fired off two rounds. The smoke swallowed him and he grunted as he hit the floor hard. A scream passed his lips when the flames licked at his skin, but seconds later there was a loud wooshing sound and the orange and red tongues sizzled down as the water rolled over them from the collapsed barrel.

"Thank you, God." He carefully stood and looked for Johnny. Over near the shut garage door, the van stood black and crackling, but he could see no one. It wasn't until a glimpse of movement caught his attention from the right that he noticed a thin figure slip through a doorway, a struggling body hanging from her arms. A moment later, a slightly singed and red toned Johnny went tearing through the door after her. Balford came by not a moment later, a gun glinting in his hand. Jaxx made a beeline for the door, and joined the chase, leaving the fire to burn and to get the attention of the police.

Spekly lowered the knife to the floor, moved in on her again, and pressed his lips to her collarbone as Sonya struggled to get away. A cry escaped her as he bit hard, splitting the skin. When Spekly lifted his head, she watched in disgust as her blood rolled in thin lines from his lips and down his chin. Whatever feelings of humane reasoning she may have felt for him before were completely gone. Now, she only felt searing hatred, and she prayed to any God who would listen that this man would have enough sense to bail the hell out of here if she ever got out of her bonds.

Spekly dipped his head to lick the blood away before kissing the wound. "Did I hurt you, love?"

Sonya glared at him coldly in response.

"No?" he asked with a smile. "Let me try again." And his fist drove into her lower abdomen. When her body jerked up, he leaned back and slapped her. Her head smacked to the floor, and she groaned softly. "Better?"

"You fuck," she spat. Sonya forced her eyes open, focusing on the twisted smile that she was ready to mash beyond recognition.

"Yes, I fuck a lot. And I plan to fuck you right now." Sonya's hip jumped as his hands began working at the belt that held up her spandex pants.

"Oh, no. Oh, I don't think so." Sonya's eyes searched the room in frenzied glances as her mind tried to come up with a plan that would stop him. It wasn't until a moment later that she realized he was watching her intently, and the look of lust and danger in his eyes finally set off an idea in her mind.

"Don't stop," she whispered softly.

"What?" Spekly's voice was also soft, but confused at her quiet confession.

"Please," she said brokenly, as she forced herself to shed some tears. "Don't stop yet."

Spekly blinked before removing his hands from the waist of her pants. He sat back on his heels and stared at her. A tentative hand reached out, shaky and unsure, to close softly around her breast.

Despite the repulsive feeling swelling in her stomach, Sonya forced herself to move into his hand, and moan carefully. She noticed his mouth twitch, and his hand squeezed tightly around her soft flesh, purposely hurting her as much as possible. Instead of screaming in pain, she lowered her voice to a deep, erotic moan that made Spekly's eyes widen, and his mouth spread to a large appreciative smile.

"You like that?" he asked darkly, surprise tainting his words.

She turned her face and nodded, feinting shame. When she felt his weight press into her, she moved herself against him and moaned again, speaking his name like it was a sin. "Oh, God!"

Spekly moved his hands down her sides while he worked his lips over her neck and ear. "I knew you'd like this, you little slut. It was so evident from the first time I saw you how much of a whore you really are."

Sonya hissed when he bit her again, and as she shifted under his pressing weight, she felt her fingers slice open on something. Mistaking her small cry for pleasure, Spekly continued to kiss her without distraction. Sonya moved her hands carefully under her pinned body and picked up the knife that somehow made its way to her fingers. She grabbed the blade and began sawing away at the ropes, all the while faking enjoyment from Spekly's sick game of rape. As his hands began to peel away her sports bra, the ropes broke and she grinned wickedly at him.

"Hey, baby," she whispered seductively. "Do you like getting pain as much as giving it?"

When Spekly looked up to answer, Sonya's hand sliced through the air, and he cried out as the knife cut a line across his face, right below the eyes. He fell, and Sonya quickly set to work on the ropes around her ankle. Before Spekly could get to his feet, Sonya was on him like a tiger to fresh prey.

Sonya lost track of how long she was hitting him, her fists and feet aiming for any part that she could see was not bruised or bleeding. It wasn't until a dull explosion and the release of the fire sprinklers pulled her away from him, and by that time he was unconscious, and probably half-dead. Not that it made any difference to her, he deserved every hit. She leaned over and picked up the knife from the floor, flipped it in the air, and swung it down toward Spekly's heart.


Sonya looked up sharply. "Kaoru!" Another scream set Sonya on her feet and racing toward the nearest door. In the hall, she slipped on the stream of water from the ceiling, but paid no heed as her feet kept moving. A third scream, and Sonya had narrowed the location down to within 50 feet from her. She turned to the right down a wide passage, and burst through the double doors into the warm evening air. By the setting of the sun, it was close to six pm. Ahead of her was a double dock, with a yatch and two speed boats bobbing in the water. Sonya realized with a second thought that they were at a factory. Probably one owned by Balford. A moment later she spotted two figures on the move about twenty feet away climbing onto the yacht. One had long dark hair, the second was small and fighting every step.

"Stop it you fucking brat!" Nise's hand flew across Kaorus face, and the girl cried out again.

Knife in hand, Sonya's eyes turned to slits as she stalked down the wooden steps and quietly jumped on board the vessel, still unnoticed by Nise or Kaoru. As Nise pressed her hand onto a special keypad to get inside the cabin, Sonya threw her arm forward. With a quick twist of her arm, Sonya sent the knife flying through the air and right into the center of Nise's palm.

Nise screamed in surprise and pain, and only had a moment to notice what had happened before she was back fisted, the knife was ripped from her hand, and her shoulder became a blaze of heat as the knife was buried to the hilt below her collarbone.

"Doesn't it suck when nothing goes your way?" Sonya yanked the knife from Nise's shoulder, turned the Australian around, and thrust her head against the wall, splitting it open across the brow. She collapsed to her knees.

"Sonya-san!" Kaoru ran forward and jumped into Sonya's embrace, but was soon pushed away at the Lieutenant's insistence.

"Kaoru. Get off the ship and hide. I'll find you. Go!"

Without the slightest plea, Kaoru turned and ran. Sonya began to stand but was forced down by a large weight. Nise's hand seized her wrist, and worked the knife free and over the edge of the deck. If it made a splash, Sonya did not know as her heart thundered in her ears.

"I had plans to deal with you later, but since you're so persistent." Nise snarled and grabbed a handful of Sonya's hair, yanked it back hard, and thrust something into Sonya's exposed throat, making her choke and gasp. The blunt object came down for another blow, and Sonya began to see stars. She reached up behind her and grabbed what she assumed was Nise's ear, and pulled.

The sudden pain in the side of her head made Nise yelp and fall over. Soon, Sonya was on top of her, pinning her at the waist, and Nise's head flopped from side to side with each landing blow. She managed to swing her arm up and hit Sonya across the cheek with her gun, and the lieutenant fell back.

Nise was the first one to her feet, and with her gun trained on Sonya, she had the upper hand and knew it. So what was a little gloating?

"I had wanted to draw this out for as long as possible, Lt. Blade," she mocked. "I had such wonderful plans of torture that I'm sure you're familiar with, seeing how you studied the Black Dragon like the Pope studies the Bible. But then I'd share with you a few new ones that my fellow group members came up with. It was going to be a lot of fun. But I don't suppose I can convince you into trying it out, eh?"

Sonya stared at her for a few minutes, when realization reared its unexpected head. "You're Kyoufu?" It wasn't Balford after all. It was Johnny's fucking girlfriend?!

"Surprised?" she smirked. "You know, after all he told me about you, I'd have thought you woulda picked it up a lot sooner."

"Who?" Sonya asked, stalling for time. "Johnny?"

Nise/Kyoufu laughed. "That narcassitic bastard? You must be joking." A cold smile passed over her. "No, he had no part in this. Except to keep me amused. I really only kept him alive for the sex." Her eyes glinted cruelly. "And to piss you off."

Sonya's brow furrowed despite her intention of remaining expressionless. "Just what the hell do you have against me?"

"You fucking ruin everything!" Kyoufu suddenly screamed, making Sonya jump a bit. "Everything was going just fine, we were becoming more powerful, and you had to go and fucking kill him! You had to break his fucking neck, and trust me when I say, your death won't be quite as quickly!"

Sonya's eyes widened as her words sunk in. Her blood ran cold as the pieces began to fit. "Kano," she whispered icily. And Sonya nearly doubled over at the blow her mind tossed to her. Kyoufu was the leader of the Devil's Destiny in Japan, while Kano was the leader of the Black Dragon in Hong Kong. And they were working together to make a super gang to take over their respective countries, before expanding to take over the world. And they were both Austrailian. And they both had the same hard features, the same cold streak, the same blood.

"You're related," Sonya stated softly, the shock sending her into a confused, numbing state.

Kyoufu's smile turned sharkish. "She finally catches on." And suddenly Sonya was swept, landing hard on her back with Kyoufu's heel digging into her ribs and the gun pointed right between her eyes. "Took you long enough, lieutenant. I honestly cannot understand what my brother saw in you." She snorted. "You're nothing like the great adversary he always bragged about. I guess your little "boy toy" has softened you up." Her face split in a dazzling toothy smile before she continued. "And while I wish I could have more time to make your pain as lasting as possible, I'll just have to settle with the look on Johnny's face when he learns you're dead. Then I'll take him back in my arms, he'll fall in love with me again, we'll get married, and then I'll break the news that he's been fucking his one true love's murderer, just before I frame him for a crime that will give him life imprisonment, where he can wallow in self misery for the rest of his pathetic life. And then I'll take all his money and expand my group in the conquest of world domination." Kyoufu laughed again.

Sonya had never felt such anger. Never before did she know such hatred, except when she thought of Kano. When she snapped that bastard's neck, she though it was over. Quite sadly, she was wrong. Now, she had to deal with his warped sister. And it really pissed her off. What a day.

"Such a pity. You may have been good in your time, my dear, but it had to come to an end. It's only fair that I bring to justice my brother's unfair death with your own." Sonya choked a bit more as the boot continued to crush down on her throat, making her blind with lack of air.

"Go fuck yourself," she growled. Nise laughed as she cocked the gun and pointed it at Sonya's head.

"Nah, I think I'll let Johnny take care of that. I guess it's true what they say about blondes: you really are fucking morons." With that, Nise pressed the cold barrel between Sonya's eyes. "Say hi to Kano in hell." She pulled the trigger